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Lesson Testimonials

“I needed personal attention to improve all of the little things that I was doing wrong, and that is exactly what Lance has provided me. He has an incredible ability to break your mechanics down, identify the problem areas, and correct them. Thanks to him, my shot has improved by orders of magnitude.” – Diane Gomez, Adult

“Training with Lance has made all the difference for me.  When I first started playing hockey (as an adult in the Ankle Benders League) I couldn’t skate, and now I feel like I’m competitive, which is fun.  During my first season, my family and several spectators commented how much I had improved. A year later my teammates still comment on how I keep improving every week. I think working privately with Lance has made all the difference, allowing me to concentrate on improving my individual skills, while avoiding bad habits.” – Marc Butler, Adult

“I think he is a good teacher because we have fun after all of my hard work” – Austin Knoebel,  Youth

“Lance is a great instructor. He makes sure my son Austin has fun at every lesson while he learns. In fact, I can’t believe how much my son has learned already.  At 6 years-old he is already doing backwards crossovers!” – Edee Knoebel, Parent

“If you want to learn how to play hockey the right way, then Lance is the only way to go.  He knows how to work with all skill levels and all ages to make it a fun experience in a fast pace sport.” – Dave Knoebel, Adult/Parent

“Brendan began one-on-one training with Lance last year, right after he learned to skate, and his progress has been amazing.  Lance’s constructive and positive style of instruction has encouraged the disciplined approach needed to excel in sports.  Lance uses discussion and demonstration techniques to capture the attention and preserve the fun and excitement of hockey for an 8 year-old.  Brendan looks forward to his sessions with Lance every week.  The marked improvement in his hockey and skating skills bear testimony to their combined efforts.” – John & Kim Aleksivich, Parents

“Lance has incredible communication skills and is extremely patient in making sure that I understand the reasons why I have trouble with certain areas of my game. Figuring out those crucial, but often simple little things that are holding me back have helped me overcome a great number of them. I have these wonderful little epiphanies about my game that help me to be a better player.” – Laura Mitchell, Adult

Clinic Testimonials

“Lance’s clinics are both informative and active. Good information is continually provided, but not at the expense of keeping everyone moving. He also does a great job of managing different skill levels, with everyone getting the most of their interaction with the other players. Every drill is useful and provides benefit to everyone. He especially uses the group dynamic well to explain positioning.” – Diane Gomez, Adult

“In the clinics Lance manages to reinforce the game by using a variety of drills while keeping us consantly moving and interested, which is why I keep returning.  I like working with Lance because he adapts his coaching style to the needs of his students, rather than forcing them into a particular style.” – Marc Butler, Adult

“Lance’s clinics are a great way to learn how to position yourself on the ice and how to read and make plays.  You get the feel of being in game situations with the instruction of a coach on the ice helping you along the way.” – Dave Knoebel, Adult

“The clinics were fast-paced, yet catered to every individual skill level. I learned more in just one session than I have ever learned by spending weeks with other instructors. The instructors had excellent communication skills – they explained drills quickly and effectively and then they really took the time to give everyone their individual pointers and goals to work on.” – Laura Mitchell, Adult