Private & Small Group Lessons are primarily available at the Apex Center in Arvada.  There is limited availability at Boulder Valley Ice in Superior or the Ice Centre at the Promenade in Westminster.  Please review the information below and then Call or Email to discuss unique details to your situation and to set-up an Initial Lesson/Skills Evaluation.


  • Boys/Girls
  • Men/Women

Skills Evaluation

The Initial Lesson involves a Comprehensive Evaluation of the Individual’s Hockey Skills so that Goals can be set and Progress can be appropriately monitored.

Personal Development Notebook

The results from the Skills Evaluation are entered into each Individuals Personal Development Notebook, which each Player becomes responsible for.  Drills & Coaching Notes are added during and after each Lesson.  Players are encouraged to make notes after Lessons, Games, Practices, Drop-ins, Skate ‘n’ Shoots/Stick & Pucks or Open Skating so that we can continue to tailor their Development to the areas of the Game that need to be focused on the most.

Lesson Flyer


Lessons usually fall under Recurring Lessons (Weekly Set Day/Time), Flexible Lessons (Weekly Open Day/Time) and Occasional Lessons (Every Other Week, Monthly, or Sporadically).  Typically, I send out an Email containing a Confirmation Request the Week before your scheduled Lesson and ask that you reply in a timely manner so that I may fill the spot if you are unable to make it.

Cancellation Policy

You must CALL/EMAIL/TEXT to Cancel your Confirmed Lesson by no later than 7:00pm the Night before so that I may attempt to fill your spot.  Otherwise, I reserve the right to Invoice you for the Full Amount.